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I’m polite, not stupid.

Has your politeness ever been mistaken for stupidity? Have you ever been in a situation where you are treated like you know nothing compared to some "knowledgeable folks"? If not, you go do better things with your time. If you just nodded till your head hurt, read on... Now, I am not an introvert or… Continue reading I’m polite, not stupid.


Not everyone fits the mold.

While I was growing up, I was always that gawky teenager who would hunch and try and hide from the World. I always felt “not so confident” in my body. I would ask myself the usual questions, why do I have to be tall while all my friends aren’t? Why do I have boobs? Why do… Continue reading Not everyone fits the mold.


Unlearn | Late Resolutions?!

I was a very imaginative child. One who wanted to be a million things at once. I wanted to be an Astronaut, a bus conductor, own a laundry service and be Miss India. As time passed, I became less imaginative, the box of reality surrounded me.  I remember a time when I would take a… Continue reading Unlearn | Late Resolutions?!