The Sisterhood of Travelling Bugs!

"You are my person." When I heard these lines on a popular show, Grey's Anatomy (fangirl alert!!! )I did not know I will be using this for someone soon. My first issue of the Tangled & Teacups digital magazine is dedicated to this person of mine I found. Meet my person, Anand. Well, she does have… Continue reading The Sisterhood of Travelling Bugs!


The Valiant Soldiers | 18

On 18th September, 2o16 at 05:30 IST an Indian Army brigade was attacked by 4 armed militants or as the World calls them "Terrorists". These terrorists who attacked these men were as they call themselves "Men of God" fighting for their right. They set fire to tents where Soldiers lay sleeping dreaming of their future… Continue reading The Valiant Soldiers | 18


Bohemian Rhapsody | A lookbook

I am. I am that colourful bunny, I am kind of funny. I have a lot of quirks, Trust me those are just perks. I wear white shoes at all times, An on my pizza I like a lot of thyme; Oops, that in no way rhymes. I love my torn denims, Though, not very… Continue reading Bohemian Rhapsody | A lookbook

Home & Decor

This heart is a fickle thing…

" I am a material girl, in this material World", Madonna wrote this song and it resonates with me every single time I buy anything. I am not kidding you. Sometimes the tune gets into my head while walking down aisles shopping for washing detergent too. It's a tough life and I am living it.… Continue reading This heart is a fickle thing…


White & Blue.

There are very few times in life that you are taken aback by the sheer beauty of Mother Nature. Why? Well, we live in concrete jungles with high rises surrounding us and little or no time to even look at the sky. Tell me, when was the last time you looked up and saw the… Continue reading White & Blue.