Who are we?

What happens when two best friends who are so similar and yet so different sit down over a couple of drinks? They talk boyfriends, jobs, clothes and ultimately come down to that one topic of “where is our life going?”. We know you are nodding.

The usual conversations about how they are a certain age and yet have zilch for savings. How they read an article in Cosmo about what you should be like by the time you reach 25. Oh the endless torture! The constant questioning each other if they have even started the journey called “Life” or are they still stuck at the platform? And then that moment where they look into each others eyes and say “We should start something of our own”, “be our own bosses”. Preach it sister!

Hello, Ladies and Gents, we are the crazy girls with the beer, working out the tangles of lives and dreaming of teacups.

*drum rolls*

We are Tangles and Teacups.

Now, some would say that makes no sense. Let us explain, every 20 something person has tangled lives. Nothing “goes according to plan”, its all meshed and thus the term Tangles. Teacups on the other hand is our alter ego, the prim English miss having a cup of tea with some scones. The picture perfect vintage heroine from some Mills & Boons novella, who knows it all, books, children, cooking and the most important, making that hair! *seriously how did they do it back then?*

Since we are two mid 20, okay 25 to be exact, girls the term “Tangles and Teacups” seemed perfect. A perfect balance of the mad and the fancy shmancy. Oh and we are Librans, so balance you know, its a big deal. We are here to talk to you about everything under the sun. Look books, cooking hacks, recipes from mum, single and married girl diaries, interiors and even travel! *hallelujah* Yes, we are Christmas in a blog.

So give us a shout out, be nice and get ready for a roller coaster ride. Okay, if that seems like exaggeration, lets call it a DTC bus ride instead, more believable. (We are funny too. Just saying.)


Stay Tangled! xx


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