Let’s call it a year…

DSC_0189_preview2017 is over.

2017. IS. OVER.


As always a million questions have been doing the rounds in my tiny little brain and I am sure yours too. If not, humour me.

New year is fuelled with a lot of “I will achieve all the things I can…” chain reaction. One month into the year we get occupied by the problems of the hour followed by worries of the future and eventually all those resolutions get lost in translation.

I am no stranger to this. *Queue sad music*

This year as those “life questions” crowd my mind I have a slight smile on my face.

I am yet to achieve a LOT, turning 28 was great but tumultuous mentally and no idea where I am headed. And I am okay with all that.

2017 taught me a lot and it was indeed a rocky year. It started off with a BANG! A bang that was necessarily the best kinds but one MUST face failure to realise the worth of success and I am happy to report tasting failure has been bloody brilliant.

2017 may not have started on the best note but it is saying goodbye with a warm embrace, rather a big bear hug in my words.

What has it taught me? Well, for one, failure is good. It has also taught me that you are what & who you want to be. Shaping your life is in your hands and the opinions of others  only matter upto a certain extent. Don’t be scared to be who you are because you fear of what others think, they aren’t the author of your life, YOU are. Age IS a state of mind and if you truly believe in something, chase the dream.

It has taught me to be me. Unabashedly.

Oh, and that stepping out of the house sans makeup isn’t that bad. 26056791_10155074097117231_1940478989_n

Am I there yet? Being that amazing woman I see in my head? Not quite but that is what 2018-19-20-21…. are for.

Now, let’s call it a year.

See you guys next year. Where I plan to write much more.

Until then,

Stay Tangled. xx


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