She’s 70 today!


I am one of those who plays “patriotic songs” irrespective of what day it is. With A.R. Rahman’s ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ (don’t be judgemental you potato) playing on my phone suddenly a burst of nostalgia hit me. I wouldn’t lie, I have become more patriotic and conscious of the country I come from ever since I moved to Australia. You miss the little things and suddenly it becomes a lump in your throat while listening to music so deeply embedded in our hearts and minds.

As I walked to work, I couldn’t help but smile at the horn free morning traffic. I yearned to hear someone honk so that I could feel closer to home. I know, it’s the weirdest thing but is a thing nonetheless.

It is in the small things you try and find home when you live away. Like going to your Indian grocery store is not a chore, it is an outing! Spotting Frooti on the shelves brings back so many memories that you buy a whole pack! And don’t even get me started on the veggies. Locky/Ghia/Bottlegaurd is LIFE and spotting Arbi a delight.

Did I ever notice these things when I lived at home? No. I bitched about traffic, eve teasing (I still do), honking, dirty politics and specially about how the people forget the Armed forces conveniently (still do). I was oblivious of these things and why not? I was in the middle of it.

Now, I yearn all (most) of it. The belonging.

Today, India turns 70. 70 years since thousands and thousands of people fought the British Raj to get out of the country that was ours. Cheesy? Today it may seem that way but trust me, taking pride in your history is anything but. It shows how you appreciate your roots and gives you a holistic overview of life.

Today we are busy playing the hindu-muslim game. Well, turn the pages of history and you will find none of that. Learn from your nations past.

And no, I am not going to make this political.

I just want to say that don’t let hatred rule your hearts. Be kind. Be helpful and keep believing.

To say that nothing will change is giving up on a country many men/women gave up their lives for, the same people who had the conviction that slavery was NOT the future of our country. I know it’s easier said than done but start by the small things.


Trust me, appreciating what you have goes a LONG WAY. Ask me.

Happy Independence Day, folks. It’s  a day to celebrate. Don’t be a party pooper.

Start by appreciating those green veggies.



That’s it from me.

Stay tangled. xx



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