Silence is golden. 

There have been moments of silence in everyone’s life but understanding the meaning of that silence comes only with time. Here is my conversation with silence…

Silence, it came at me one fine day,

“Hey, you!” , it said without a care.

I muttered with clenched teeth, “well, that was quite a scare!” 

“You’ve known me all your life”, it said… “You just noticed me today!” 

“Well, this is awkward what do you want me to say?” 


…. “Nothing. Everything.” 

Perplexed I took a calming breathe, 

“Listen, this is too much, we have just met!”


“Oh you foolish child, I’ve seen you grow” 

“I was there when you learnt you reap what you sow!” 

Perplexed. Angry. Confused. 

“I don’t know what you mean”, I huffed. 

“Believe the unseen” said silence with a cough! 

“Bad throat you got there, Silence” I said…

“Oh, dear! Your sense of humour is really dead”.

“What do you want..” 

“Just a moment with you minus your phone”. 

I put down my phone and unplugged from the World, 

Silence crept in, “doesn’t feel better breaking the mould?” 


“I know you are itching to see what that long lost friend is doing in New Delhi”; 

“Or what’s happening on the latest House of Cards on the telly!”

“Close your eyes and think of happy things” 

“Embrace me and let the feelings creep in.” 

“It’s okay to just sit in silence sometimes”; 

“I’m just a friend that would love to visit at times.” 

Smilingly I let Silence bathe me in feelings, 

Truth be told, it’s almost healing. 

Accepting. Grateful. Happy. 
Let the Silence in. It’s good for you. 

Peace out. 

Stay tangled. xx 

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