Changing Tracks!


I’ve always been the one to do something when I feel like doing it. More often than not, that means I will never do it or that I forget all about it until one fine day someone reminds me of it.

I started writing as a young adult (pre-social media is life World) but never had the courage to share my work with anyone because let’s be honest I always thought that I am a terrible writer, why would anyone want to spend precious moments of their lives to read my blog?! Clearly, I grew out of that and started sharing my thoughts with the World when I started Tangles & Teacups.

Tangles and Teacups started with me wanting to do something about all this “energy” and “passion” I had. It started out as an idea to let my ideas float into the universe and that was liberating.

2 years since, I have written about life, love, food, travel and everything under the sun. I have shared opinions, ideas and feelings with a handful number of people who read this and that has been the greatest joy. You see, I write to de-stress. My word vomits are a way of saying things I may or may not necessarily say out loud to the World in general. For example, I wouldn’t randomly start discussing body issues on a Facebook status or with a random person on the street but when I write about it that is exactly what I am doing but the person consuming my content is one who really wants to. That my lovelies is my happy place.


It has been about 3 months since I have written something new or anything at all. I just stopped wanting to. It was as if suddenly I had lost interest in pouring my heart out on a white sheet watching it fill with words I had inside me. I just stopped.


Worst feeling ever. How could I stop being in love with one thing I have carried with me ever since I was a child? It would be easy to blame it on how time consuming maintaining a hobby/love is amidst the madness of life and work but those are just excuses. I know.

Today, I woke up with a thought. Well, a few thoughts.

Number ONE: I have to get back on the horse because I love it. Tangles is my baby, I love it and want it to be with me on this journey called “life”.

Number TWO: It’s time to change things. I think one of the reasons I was off writing these past few months is because I stopped being inventive and was in a rut. Never a good thing, ladies and gents.

So, cutting the long story short (well, kind of) Tangles and Teacups is changing tracks. I am upto no good and that is always a good thing. The wheels in my brains are turning, they are a wee bit jammed from being dormant for a while but I shall crank them up just fine.

The ideology of Tangles was to always promote good vibes, to discuss and discover life as we live and breathe it. That will never change. What WILL change is my way of approaching things. Creating and curating good content, channeling my thoughts better and being consistent are my new goals.

There is change in the offing, loves. Time to get excited.

Until then as always,

Stay Tangled. xx

PS. The goofiness will remain. See ya laterzzz alligators!


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