The Sisterhood of Travelling Bugs!


“You are my person.”

When I heard these lines on a popular show, Grey’s Anatomy (fangirl alert!!! )I did not know I will be using this for someone soon.

My first issue of the Tangled & Teacups digital magazine is dedicated to this person of mine I found.

Meet my person, Anand. Well, she does have a more feminine name but I address her so along with buttercup, peanut, babybug and more.

Having grown up with a lot of friends, I have very few now because I am a crappy “friendship maintainer”. Basically, I suck at it. Very very badly. The proof lies in the number of people who never heard from me again. (Hey there!!! Do text if you are one of them. Or not.)

But, in my dark tunnel, there came a little bub called Anand carrying a lamp and we have been sisters ever since. We have fought like dogs, cried like humans, laughed like monkeys, been crazy like pigs in a gutter and just pulled each other out of a LOT of shit. We just fell short of doing the blood bond thing, that is a bit too scary for us. No really, ewww blood.

This baby bug of mine has been my support system for time immemorial and it is about time she gets featured on this blog she very happily set up with me. Had it not been for her I would never have had the courage to make Tangles & Teacups a reality. She shows more confidence in me than I ever have and kicks me in the butt when the need arises. (A lot of the times).


She is not only a confident and beautiful woman, she is a total badass. She is THE bomb.

Friends are a blessing, they say. If you can count them on your fingertips you are lucky.

For a social klutz like me, I am lucky to have found my person who I can count on come rain or shine.

We live on different continents but our madness travels like the little love bugs. So, here is to my little sister (just 14 days younger) my baby bug and my person, may this madness never end. May we be 90 and kicking it just like this quirky lady!


I love you, Anand. Always.

Until then,

Stay tangled folks! xx


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