The Self Made Man…

I have always been a very protected child of my doting parents and an elder brother. Never left home to go study anywhere other than home, always fed, no shortage of money and just facing the struggle of deciding what to wear every morning. Yes, well.

Similarly, there is boy who had the doting parents and an elder brother too, who went out of his comfort zone and actually LIVED. He left home at the age of 17 and kept going. Life threw him curves but he jumped like a KungFu master and conquered them like a badass.

With the love of his family and friends who mean the World to him, this boy saw the ups & downs, frowned & smiled and lived the life he wanted to make for himself. Like a true artist that he is, he crafted his path the way he wanted to, left things to destiny when he thought it wise and just smiled and forgot the rest.

This boy went from being a young college student in Mumbai, to work in Africa, to being back in college in Australia only to move to 4 different cities once he was there. A risk very few people take, or rather a risk very few people dare to take.

That young faced boy who came in knowing nothing and then became something all on his own terms is now a citizen of Australia.


I have known him much less than his family and friends and yet the pride I felt seeing this boy becoming a citizen of a foreign country, who had made a World for himself all on his own, made me jump with JOY! (Not kidding you, I was hooting and jumping for reals)

This boy in this journey became a man. A self made man.

This man is my husband. The man I am so very proud of.

My mother once said to me and I cannot agree more, “Gautam has made you more independent than you ever were and yet has protected you just like we have.” Well, major brownie points there eh?!

So much to learn from this boy.

So proud of this boy.

Such love for this boy.

For me always my boy and my man.

Mine. Always. Yours.


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