The Wildling.


Nope, this post has nothing to do with Game of thrones, but let just quote them Freefolks shall we?!”

We don’t kneel for anyone beyond the Wall.”

That is something my hair tells me every single day and that is exactly what this blog is about.

This is the real talk, guys. Strap up. *Just kidding*

Welcome to “My hair is wild as a lions mane; the wildling edition. ”

Recently, I went and chopped off my long hair and truth be told, it was the best decision ever. I suddenly realized I was much more than my “beautiful long hair”. For me that decision wasn’t just because I was bored with my hair, it was more about testing new waters. And boy, were the waters tested!

Of course, there still were days of “I looked prettier with my long hair”, but I sucked it up and moved on.

What did not change with a haircut was obviously my hair. It still has a mind of its own, free and wild. Just like the Lion King. *Queue the music*

Short hair is work and so I have realized, what’s worse is the combination of short hair with very bouncy frizzy hair. No amount of conditioner can help with that and you know it! All you ladies who know the struggle of an unintentional afro know what I mean.

Yes, there is always blow drying and ironing (which makes your hair oily in ONE day if you are anything like me) but that kills your hair one burn at a time. Then there are all those hair treatments like keratin, smoothening etc that are way beyond my understanding. Temporary fixes to make you feel better.

Blessed are those who are born with a mane that doesn’t have a mind of their own, but what I have realized is that it is what it is. You can do the little temporary fixes when you want but eventually, it will come right back to the real deal.

I am a frizz ball, I know I am a frizz ball, just need to chin up and flaunt it.

So, along with being a grumpasaurs, collector of zits, cuddle freak with a penchant for eating fries for days, I am also a frizz ball, a wildling.

Oh well. Time to accept stuff. *wohooo*

That’s all in this edition of Manasvi Preaches (AGAIN).

Love yourself no matter what.

Until then,
Stay Tangled. xx

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