The People’s President…

President Barack Obama is a good President. But, he is an even better brand ambassador. With the rise of social media right around the time, he became President in 2009, his team has done a tremendous job of highlighting the ‘human’ aspect of a United States of America President. Be it his Inaugural speech, Kid President meets Obama, Between two ferns appearance, the cool BuzzFeed video, the epic Mean Tweets with Obama, and who can forget the Obama’s anger translator?

You cannot deny that this man is a great leader but what you also cannot deny is that he became relatable because he was positioned in that way. The Digital boom came about right when he was stepping in and that was an advantage. Obviously, President-Elect Trump is a prime example of what not to do on Social Media, President Obama was the polar opposite.

He is relatable. He is digital. He is the people’s president.

As he is spending his last week in the White house, a lot of people are talking about him and of course, appreciating him or dissing him. It’s a mixed bag of emotions.

Judging any presidency is such a wildly subjective thing that it’s impossible to answer. People who see his Presidency as a disaster are mostly people who were opposed to him politically from the start and would be upset no matter what he did. That’s not an indictment of anyone’s politics, the same is true for most presidents. Judgments are typically based on politics.

Let me give you some examples. The economy has, objectively, improved a great deal over Obama’s term in office. A Democrat will say that’s because we had good economic leadership. A Republican will say that happened because of business leadership, and it would have happened much faster if Obama wasn’t in office.

Or take the Middle East. A Republican would say that a stronger President would have prevented the chaos in Syria and the rise of ISIS. A Democrat would say that such instability was inevitable and predictable the moment Bush invaded Iraq, and Obama has responded as well as was possible.

All of these are the kinds of argument that are had about any historical question. But, when we’re talking about a sitting president, it’s made much worse by political interests. People who say the Obama presidency is an unmitigated disaster generally truly believe it, but it’s hard to really make that case in an objective, historical context. It’s just a matter of what you happen to believe.

What makes me smile in amusement is when people state that he survived 8 years of office without a personal scandal (read: affair), umm excuse me, but if that is how you measure greatness, I am a little worried about this country. And how he has an undying love for his wife Michelle, that makes him a great husband, not a great President. Just saying.

Moving forward, biggest takeaway?

Be social. It is the need of the hour. By being on social media you are just being more approachable, well, unlike Trump, he just has a thing to ruin things.

Do your PR and social media right alongside your list of duties, be a genuine human, a good orator, don’t be a homophobe, love your wife, keep it in your pants and you can make it to the list of one of the greatest Presidents? Maybe. Maybe not. But one can try.

President Obama, what a relatable journey.

Peace out.


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