Where did she go?

Rape. Molestation. Harrassment. Every single thing that makes a man or woman feel uncomfortable is wrong!

I penned down this aloof piece about women and society a long time ago.. it just seems very relevant suddenly in the wake of the horrible incident that took place in Bangalore.

Look around she must be here..

Search her soul she must be there!

What did you find?

Oh, never mind..


There is a pain in her heart she seldom speaks of..

There is an ache in her soul she keeps hidden.

There is a part of her she likes to keep buried..

There is a little sorrow that she fears will come undone.

Oh, but who cares..


Where did she go?

What has she done?

They question her life and say she lived in a bubble..

Little do they know it is her World and that is the trouble.

Oh, she is a naive one..

Always wanting to be free and be someone..


Where did she go?

Flipping through her life’s stories..

They end up finding her greatest glories.

The letters she wrote.. The tears she shed..

One was a picture of her own head.

They sift through to understand her better..

Halfway through they begin to get bitter.

She is a nutter..

Surprised they say “She could do so much better..”


At the end of a trying day..They give up the search..

She is too twisted for the effort they say sitting on a perch.

Once in a while in the real world they want to know..

What became of her.. Where did she go?

Harrasment of any kind, mental or physical is not gender based. It happens to everyone alike. Unfortunately, we are the first to blame the woman for being too “independent” or as one twisted man once said “dented and painted”.

What happened in Bangalore on the eve of the New Year is nothing new, and that is sad! A bunch of frustrated tards (and a million swear words I can possibly come up with) did something heinious to a girl who was NOT inviting anything.

Dressing up, sleeping with someone, putting on lipstick or eating different food does NOT make a man or woman a target to be harrassed.

If we live in a World where a woman in a burqa is in the same amount of danger as the woman in a mini skirt, you know the fault lies in the society that is bringing up these sex offenders a.k.a nincompoops. Gender is not in question here. Men get molested too, you just find that funny cause he’s a “man” and therefore you hardly hear about it or pay any attention to it.

But I think it’s time to cut the bullshit about dressing up and how that invites trouble.A girl can wear what she likes, when she likes and with whomsoever she likes. If you can’t keep it in your pants, too bad, go vent that frustration out somewhere else.

I just had a little something to say about this matter so I did. I hope that the world in general becomes a safer place to live in, because the way we are going, it scares me to think what’s next.

Hoping for a better, safer world.


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